The Gods of ancient Greece
In ancient Greek architecture, a “THOLOS“ was a circular building, with a conical or vaulted roof, with or without a peristyle, or surrounding colonnade. The earliest examples are those of the Mycenaean period. THOLOI there were large ceremonial tombs, sometimes built into the sides of hills, beehive-shaped and covered by a corbeled arch.

With the passing of time, the THOLOI developped into becoming a sacred place for communicating with the Gods, the symbol for contact beyond the realms of people´s imagination.
The Tholos at Delphi is situated in the centre the sanctuary of Athene Pronaia in Delphi. It was erected around 380 B.C. by Polycleitus in Doric order and is the most recent and best conserved THOLOS.

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